Just Asking… (What are you doing with your potential?)

Potential is a tricky word. It denotes that a person has the capacity to become something or accomplish something that is not already in existence. It denotes that a person can do more than he is already doing. It denotes that something is lying dormant within a person that hasn’t been discovered or hasn’t been utilized. It denotes that the person can do or be more than he already is.


Believe it or not, everyone has potential. The perplexing thing is that each person has potential in an area that may be different from someone else. One person may have the potential to become a talented singer; another may have the potential to become a world-renowned scientist. One may be called to be a motivator to the masses while another may be called to comfort the elderly. One may have the potential to excel in sports while another has the potential to become a great mathematician. The realm of possibilities is endless, but one must know what he is destined to do before he can capitalize on his potential.


Many have spent years wandering in the wilderness become they haven’t tapped into their potential. They want to do things that bring fulfillment, but they have forged paths for themselves that are boring and routine. They may even be living the dreams of someone else, neglecting their inner promptings that signal they are on the wrong paths.


How does one rectify this problem? He can start by trying different activities. Some activities may come more naturally to him than others, or he may excel in some things more readily than others. Afterwards, he must notice what brings him joy. Many times, a person would love doing what he is doing even if he isn’t being paid for it. When he is performing in his zone, his inner promptings let him know that he is on the right track. He may have to gain education or training to enhance his potential, but he will notice that he has a natural propensity towards a certain thing or things.


This may not be a quick process, but if he tries different things and finds something that brings contentment, these things may be indicators that he’s on the right track. The more he operates in his area, the more fulfillment he will experience, and as a result, the fruit of his labor will follow.


So if you’re one of the ones who hasn’t tapped into your potential, don’t fret. Get busy experimenting with new things. Make note of things you excel in and things that bring you fulfillment. These things may be indicators that you are doing what you were designed to do. And remember, you may not tap into your potential over night, but if you pursue and refuse to cave in, you will tap into your potential.

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