Just Asking… (Who or what is first in your life?)

You can tell what a person values by looking at how he spends his time. If he spends an excessive amount of time golfing, you could guess that golf is one of his priorities. If he spends a lot of time on his job, you would assume that his job is one of his priorities. If he makes time to spend with his family, regardless of what else is going on in his life, you would imagine that his family is one of his priorities. Regardless of what he says, his actions are good indicators of what he values.


But have you ever watched a man or woman who puts God first in his life? Have you ever noticed how things seem to fall into place when he puts the Creator of the universe at the helm? It seems as if that person’s life flows in a manner that other lives don’t. Even in difficult situations, that person seems to have a calm assurance about him. When others are panicky or in disarray, he goes to his Creator for comfort. When others are confused, he goes to his Creator for answers. When others are looking for revenge on their enemies, he asks his Creator for vengeance.


If you ask this person about his habits, he will tell you that he etches out time in his daily schedule to spend time in God’s Word. He takes time for prayer, and he makes time to sit in silence, waiting for guidance from the God of the universe. Even though he may have a hectic schedule, he doesn’t allow his schedule to rob him of his relationship with his Maker. Even when others demand time from him, he is careful to preserve his private time with God.


Think about your priorities. Are they things that surpass the moment and sow eternal benefits, or are they only providing you with temporary satisfaction? Don’t be fooled, spending time in the presence of God is never a waste. In fact, it helps you get your life in order, allowing you to prioritize things in a way that brings value instead of chaos to your daily routine.

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