Just Asking… (Do you realize your success may be different from someone else’s success?)

There are various kinds of motivational materials in the marketplace. If a person needs a nudge to change his life, he can read books, listen to CDs, watch shows, read blogs, attend conferences, etc. Many times, he is bombarded with words of encouragement, telling him to dream dreams and work towards his goals. He is told that he can be successful if he would apply himself. To motivate him in his endeavors, examples of successful people are mentioned, describing hurdles they overcame to reach their desired goals.


When one examines that word success, it is defined as accomplishing one’s goals or reaching a desired end. It suggests that once a person reaches something he has aimed for, he is successful. That is true in some cases, but it is always wise for a person to examine what he is pursuing. Not only is he to examine what he is pursuing, but he needs to examine his motives for pursuing a thing. If he’s accomplished a goal that was set for him because others expected him to go that route, is he successful? If he has accomplished something only to prove he is better than someone else, is he successful? If he has reached the pinnacle of wealth but lacks health, is he successful? If he has reached a desired result but lost his self-respect, is he successful?


Remember, success for one is not success for another. One person’s success may be running a household. Another person’s success may be helping someone else change his life. Another person’s success may be to own a business.


Not all will be rich and famous, but all can be successful. Not all will be showered with accolades by the masses, but all can be successful. Not all will accomplish the same things, but that doesn’t negate one’s success. So don’t measure your success by someone else’s standards. If you’re pursuing something worthwhile, and doing so with “clean hands” and a pure heart, move forward; when you’ve reached your desired end, that’s your success.

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