Just Asking… (Do you realize that flawed individuals can accomplish great things?)

Sometimes we put pressure on people to perform perfectly, especially if those people are in leadership positions. Once some people find out that the leaders they admire have flaws, they are ready to get rid of them and move on to someone else. This would be grand if the next person didn’t have flaws, but no matter how long and hard people look, every leader will have some type flaw, maybe two, three, or more. Some flaws may be readily seen and considered more contestable than others, but regardless, if that leader has breath, a flaw is present, even if it is not easily recognized.


In spite of this, flawed individuals can accomplish great things. This is good news because it knocks out excuses that a person can’t accomplish great things because he is flawed. This fact can encourage each individual to look beyond his imperfections and move into something great. Knowing this nugget takes the pressure off being perfect, and it allows the person to perform at his or her best.


Have you ever limited yourself because of a flaw? Have you ever refused to attempt something because of a shortcoming? Have you ever compared yourself to others and found yourself coming up short? If you have, don’t worry, you are in good company. The next man’s flaws may not be as pronounced as yours are, but know that he is flawed also. If you get to know all aspects of the people you admire, you will discover their imperfections.


In conclusion, stop being so hard on yourself. Go ahead and attempt that feat (that’s positive and uplifting), the one that you were too ashamed to attempt because of your flaw. Spread your wings and know that God uses imperfect people to accomplish great things. Once you get off the runway, you may surprise yourself. You may discover that as imperfect as you are, you were designed to soar.

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