Just Asking… (Do you realize a person can have zeal for the wrong thing?)

Many people possess zeal. When they want something or believe in something, they go wholeheartedly after it. They have a passion for what they are doing, and they do it with fervor. This could be good or it could be dangerous; it all depends upon the belief the person has or the goal he is trying to reach. If the belief is healthy or the result is productive, zeal leads to positivity. If the belief is unhealthy and the result is destructive, that same zeal leads to negativity.


History has taught us that many individuals had zeal for the wrong things. They went after their goals mercilessly, and they stood to their guns regarding their beliefs, but their hearts were filled with anger, prejudice, hatred and the like. Because of their diligence, many lives were lost, families were separated, innocent people were imprisoned, certain people were denied opportunities, etc. They may have been successful in their eyes, but because of the devastation they caused, their zeal drove them in the wrong direction.


Is there anything that you feel zeal towards? Have you examined whether your zeal is leading you towards a productive or destructive end? You may not have the goal to kill or imprison, but you do you have the goal to slander, ridicule or shame, or is your zeal leading you in the opposite direction, prompting you to edify, encourage or comfort?


Examine your motives for doing what you do. If your motives are noteworthy, continue with all the zeal you can muster; however, if you will cause pain and destruction, put your zeal to use on a better cause.

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