Just Asking… (Do you realize that procrastinating may cause you to lose valuable opportunities?)

Many people have good intentions. They set goals and even go as far as setting objectives to meet their goals. They dream big, and they promise themselves that they are going to make it one day. They know that they want more out of life than what they already have, and they vow that they are going to get everything they deserve. All of this sounds grand, but some people have one enemy that stops them from moving forward. That enemy is sly and slick, and it lulls individuals into inactivity.


Procrastination is the culprit of many people not fulfilling their dreams. They don’t tell themselves they won’t do something; in fact, they promise themselves that they will. They only tell themselves that they will do it later. They say they will put off taking action until tomorrow. They rationalize why tomorrow would be a better time to start. When the next day arrives, they tell themselves that they are too busy or things aren’t quite right to start immediately. They push the date back even further. Before they realize what has happened, they’ve pushed those action steps they needed to take back a week, month or a year. Sometimes, years have passed and they hadn’t moved one inch.


Are you guilty of this infraction? Do you have a tendency to put things off, telling yourself that you will get to it later? Are your agenda items piling up because you told yourself that tomorrow will be a better day to get started?


If you have fallen into the procrastination trap, make a decision to come out of it today. Decide to get busy on one of your agenda items. Don’t talk yourself into starting later; start right now. Know that it’s always wise to do what you can do today. Tomorrow brings its own challenges and opportunities. You never know, tomorrow may present an opportunity that hinges on something you should have done today.

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