Just Asking… (Do you realize great things start from small beginnings?)

Most great things start from small beginnings. Usually, a person has an idea. After getting an idea, he has to develop action steps in order to make his idea work. He may have successes and failures along the way; however, if he refuses to give up, small things can turn into great things with the passage of time.


During this slow moving process, the person may have to do things that he didn’t plan to do, especially if he doesn’t have ample funds for every task. For instance, if a person is opening a restaurant, he may have to clean commodes, load the dishwasher, wipe off tables, sweep floors, etc. Even if he hires employees, he may have to jump in and assist with some of the menial tasks until he builds a business where he can hire ample help. If he is opening a shelter for the homeless, he may have to answer phones, check individuals into the facility or serve in other roles until the organization can function with little supervision. The same is true when a person starts most type businesses. In the beginning, the leader may be required to have more hands on experience in order to get things up and running properly.


It is essential that a person doesn’t get weary during the initial process. It is easy to understand why many may want to give up and quit during this stage, but if he wants things to grow, he must do what he has to do until he can afford to do better. Every person is not fortunate enough to have adequate funds or help in the beginning, but a persistent person refuses to allow this fact to stop his progress. Just know that it takes longer to build things this way, but with persistence, hard work, fine-tuning and implementing small changes along the way, the person’s small desire can become a successful reality.


So don’t despise small beginnings. Know that they can be the start of something great.

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