Just Asking… (Do you know you are the only one responsible for your happiness?)

Almost everyone wants to be happy; yet, if you ask many people about their emotional states, you will find that they are unhappy, unfulfilled and miserable. If you ask them why they feel the way they do, some blame their discontentment on their jobs. They claim if they get better positions that their lives would drastically improve. Some state that they are trapped in miserable marriages. They feel if they change partners that they will be satisfied. Some say they hate singleness. They believe with all of their hearts if they find the right mates, happiness will be their norm. Some complain that they never had a fair chance in life. They believe if different parents would have raised them that they would have a better chance at happiness. Some even state that they don’t know what would make them happy; they just roam around in life hoping that something or someone would lift their spirits.


It is amazing to watch people waste precious moments waiting for the “what ifs” to happen before they become happy. They refuse to enjoy the present moment, the only one they can experience at a time, and they wait for something that may or may not happen before they decide to change their emotional states. They refuse to look for something in the present that they can be grateful for. They fail to recognize the natural beauty that they are exposed to. They neglect to bask in the fact that they are healthy and can do for themselves. They overlook the family and friends that they are blessed with. They despise their personal blessings, looking for greener pastures.


If they change their perspectives about their situations, they may find that pockets of happiness lurk in every corner. They may begin to see that the rising of the sun brings a reason to smile. They may find that the counting of stars brings peace. They may realize that the mates they despise have good qualities waiting to be appreciated. They may find that there are benefits on those current jobs that they have ignored. They may find that in their singleness, they have opportunities that they would not otherwise enjoy. They may come to realize that their parents did the best they could with what they had, and if their parents didn’t, they would do better than their parents did.


If a person changes his perspective about his situation, he can change his mood. He doesn’t have to wait for his situation to change in order to be happy. He can allow his happiness to change his situation, and if his happiness is not powerful enough to change his situation, it is powerful enough to change him. And amazingly, once he is changed, he’ll take the necessary steps to change whatever is not working in his life.

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