Just Asking… (Are you allowing resentment to rob you of your peace?)

Have you ever had someone say something to you in the wrong way or offend you in some area and every time you see him, you experience a negative feeling? When you see that person or hear that person’s name, your mood immediately changes, and you can go from happy to upset in an instant. You may have conjured up negative thoughts about this person, and you loathe his presence or you try to avoid him at all costs. Sometimes, you rehearse the offense to others, even going as far as telling them how awful this person is. If you’ve experienced this, then you are dealing with resentment. When we examine the definition of the word, we see that resentment is feeling displeasure or even indignation at something someone has said or done. That person may have wronged you, or you may have perceived that that person wronged you. Regardless of whether he did or not, the feelings are still the same.


It would be appropriate to bask in resentment if it would add value to your life; however, all resentment does is rob you of your peace. It takes up residence in your mind and occupies a space where peace should reside. If it is not dealt with appropriately, it grows. It can infiltrate your sleep and rob you of enjoying your present moment. It does not add; it destroys.


Knowing this, ask yourself one question. Who are you hurting when you harbor resentment? It sounds like the offender (if he really did offend) is moving on while you are stuck as a prisoner of the offense. But don’t despair; there is good news. There is a way to escape this imprisonment. You can forgive the offender and walk out a free person; and if you want to add icing on the cake, do something nice for him. That will really add to your liberty! So throw the shackles off and move pass that resentment. Don’t allow it to rob one more precious moment of your life.

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