Just Asking… (Can you be flexible when necessary?)

It is grand for a person to have goals and dreams and the tenacity to move towards those goals and dreams. It is wonderful when he has established a routine, and he flows within that routine when necessary. It is good to know that he is faithful to his plans, not allowing anyone or anything to move him off his path to success. As noble as this is, life has a way of interrupting a person’s schedule or placing roadblocks on a person’s path to destiny. At times, it has a way of causing one to change his agenda and take another route. It causes one to rethink his position or the way he is doing something. When this happens, what is a person to do?


When a person finds himself in this position, he has several options. He can remain inflexible and push against the barricades of life, finding himself in a “no win” situation. When he does this, all of his efforts are fruitless. If he is frustrated by life’s interruption, he can sit, sulk and refuse to move forward. This route will not cause resistance, but it will not get the person any closer to his goals. Lastly, the person can choose to be flexible. He can see that he may need to rethink things and do something a different way. When he is flexible, he is pliable. He can bend or move without breaking, caving in or quitting. He examines the situation and realizes there are changes he needs to make in order to move forward. He doesn’t get resentful about change because he realizes that change is necessary for growth.


How do you handle situations when life throws you a challenge? How do you react when the way you were doing something no longer works? Are you wise enough to know when to adjust your way of thinking or performing if it is beneficial? Can you be flexible when the situation calls for it? Know that change is inevitable, and you have to have the wisdom to know when flexibility is the viable option. So stop looking at that barricade as a hindrance; see it as an opportunity to reexamine what you are doing. Once you see it differently, you’re more apt to move forward in the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

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5 thoughts on “Just Asking… (Can you be flexible when necessary?)

  1. irrationalliving

    A great post, and great questions as well! Have you ever read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill? He talks about the importance of making decisions quickly but changing your mind slowly. Flexibility is definitely important, but being too flexible can become your downfall! All about balance.



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