Just Asking… (Do you respect your talents?)


This may seem like an odd question, but as I talk to people, I realize that many of them don’t respect their talents. When a person respects something, he deems it important. He esteems the thing, and he values it to the upmost. He knows that the thing is valuable, and he does his best to protect or improve it. In his eyes, he sees something of worth, something that he is willing to invest in; however, it’s almost impossible to invest in something that one doesn’t recognize he has.


Considering this important point, it’s easy to see why a person may not value his talents or natural abilities. In order to respect his talents, he must first recognize what his talents are. There are many ways for a person to discover his talents, but he has to be willing to invest time in the process. Once he has discovered what comes naturally to him, what he’s good at or what he enjoys, then he has to decide what he will do with that information. Is he willing to take classes to enhance his talents? Is he willing to invest time in his talents even when it’s inconvenient? Is he willing to seek out others who have excelled in his areas of interest in order to perfect his skills? Will he continue to pursue his talents even if others don’t understand? The list of questions can be humongous, but the answer to these questions will determine the person’s level of respect for his talents.


Think about the talents that you possess. Answer the questions listed above and others like them. Are you respecting your talents, or are you squandering them away with each passing day? Know that they were given to you to use and perfect. Don’t waste them; use them wisely. You never know, someone’s life may be hanging in the balance, waiting for something that only you can provide.

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3 thoughts on “Just Asking… (Do you respect your talents?)

  1. irrationalliving

    I just posted a video about this the other day. I think a lot of people who are in corporate America or just mundane jobs in general are squandering their talents because they are afraid to develop and use them to their advantage.


    1. vonchris Post author

      I know I squandered my talents for many years because I didn’t want to leave a secure paycheck. I’m just grateful that I finally have the opportunity to work on something I love.

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