Just Asking… (What will you do today to make your life better?)

Do you know a person can have a good idea or good intentions but never follow through with either of them? He may postpone taking an action step because he can’t see the entire picture. He may not move forward because he feels he doesn’t have the support he needs. He may stand still because the task before him seems daunting. He may remain stagnant because excuses appear more comfortable than breaking out of the mold. He may tell himself that he will make a move as soon as his finances are in order, but he’s too financially strapped to do anything now. He may tell himself that one day he will do something about his situation, but today is not convenient.


It’s easier for him to tell himself that he will do on another day what he can do today. It’s easier to surround himself with excuses than to take that first step towards change. He may tell himself that he is not hurting anyone by his lackadaisical attitude, but that is not entirely true. By succumbing to this line of reasoning, he is actually hurting the most important person in his life: himself.


Have you fallen into the trap of this line of thinking? Do you have a mental or written list of things to do, and you haven’t taken your first step? In order to move forward, the step doesn’t have to be a large one, a baby step counts too.


If you’ve guilty of this infraction, throw off the shackles of excuses. Clean that garage today if it’s on the list. Start that exercise program. Sign up for that class you’ve always wanted to take. Send out that resume. Write the first paragraph of that book. Visit that friend. Volunteer at that local charity organization. Whatever it is, don’t put it off any longer. Today is a good day to start.

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