Just Asking… (Will you use your past hurts and pains to help someone else?)

If a person lives long enough, he will experience some type of hurt or pain. He may wonder why a particular thing has come upon him, but regardless the reason, he must decide how he will respond to the uncomfortable situation. As he examines the situation, he may find that he did something to cause the pain, or he may discover that what has happened was beyond his control.


Hurts and pains come in many forms. A person may have experienced a miscarriage, divorce, physical illness, rebellious teen, financial disaster, unanswered prayer, etc. Nevertheless, he must understand that hurts and pains are a part of life, and he can use the situation as an opportunity to become better or bitter.


Many people who have experienced hurts or pains in specific areas become champions for their causes. Mothers who have had children killed by drunk drivers rally together to bring awareness to the situation. Those who have suffered from addictions form groups to offer help and support to others who suffer from the same disease. Some who have experienced divorce, rally at support meetings to assist others who are going through the process. Some who have disappointments in other areas serve as sounding boards for those who are still suffering.


It is very difficult when someone is in the midst of a trying situation. If you are fortunate enough to have made it through a bad situation, or if you have found a way to cope with a bad situation while in the mist of it, why not share your experiences with others who are still groping for answers? You never know, your wisdom in that particular area may be just the thing to soothe the hurts and pains of one going through a difficult time.

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