Just Asking… (Do you know that thinking things through can alleviate a world of pain?)

When I worked as a counselor, one of the greatest bits of advice I gave my clients was to think things through before they acted. Many of them suffered from lack of impulse control and would do things on the spur of the moment, many times making bad decisions that led to negative consequences. In order for them to think more logically, we would examine certain behaviors and look at possible outcomes instead of focusing only on the immediate gratification. After they examined the possible outcomes, then they decided whether the act was worth engaging in. This process stopped many clients from making rash decisions, decisions that could cost them significantly in the future.


As I think about some of the past mistakes of others (I don’t exclude myself from this list), I realize that if they had followed this principle in the decision-making process, they might have escaped some of the bumps and bruises in life. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, people react negatively, and as a result, say and do things that they can apologize for, but can never take back. In search for immediate gratification, people engage in behaviors that they think are harmless but those behaviors end up imprisoning them for many years to come. Instead of taking time to examine situations, some move too quickly, rushing into things that lead down dead-end roads.


Yes, there are some things beyond our control even if we examine every possible outcome imaginable. However, many a heartache could be avoided if a person thought things through before caving in to every whim or notion that came to his mind. That’s not to say that we’re not to strike while the iron is hot, it is only saying not to let unrestrained passion drive you down a road that leads to danger and destruction. Therefore, before engaging in that act, think it through, it could save you a lot of heartache if you do.

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