Just Asking… (Do you realize that it takes more than time to heal old wounds?)

As a child growing up, I used to hear many adults say that time heals all wounds. That may be so when it comes to some physical ailments, but as I’ve matured, I’ve discovered that many people are still suffering from emotional wounds, wounds that were caused many years prior. They are still nursing the hurts from their childhoods, past relationships, or past mistakes. As the clock ticks, many times, the wounds aren’t healed; they are embedded deeper into those individuals’ psyches.


One may wonder what is necessary to start the healing process. Sometimes, a person has to forgive the offender in order to move forward. At other times, a person may need to ask someone to forgive him for something he did. On occasion, a person may need to make restitution to the offended person, or he may need to make amends if possible.


Sometimes righting a wrong will enhance the healing process quicker than anything else will. It may require one to swallow his pride in order to move in the right direction, but that one act, performed in the spirit of humility and earnestness could shave off years of offense.


Are you suffering from an old emotional wound? Is it disrupting the peace in your life? If it is, do something that can bring reconciliation to your situation. Don’t wait for time when the situation calls for action on your part.

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