Just Asking… (If the way you lived your life told a story, would you be proud of the storyline?)

Every day, we as humans add a chapter to the story of our lives. The way we live speaks volumes about us as individuals. Sometimes the chapters we write are sweet and innocent. Sometimes there’s drama sprinkled between the pages. Sometimes there are paragraphs of horror splattered throughout the story, including things we would like to forget or keep buried. Sometimes sad events are woven into the theme, and sometimes we leave behind scenes that make us laugh or jump for joy. Our lives consist of an array of events, all telling stories that others read with or without our permission.


That being said, take a moment to think about the story you are writing about your life. If you examine your actions, would you say they are kind and warm, or are they selfish and inconsiderate? Do your actions and words motivate and encourage, or do they destroy and tear down? Are you proud of who you are, or would you want to keep a part of yourself hidden because you are ashamed of that part coming to light? Is it a story that you can readily share with others, or would you rather stash it away under lock and key?


Regardless the outcome, you are the author of your story. You may not be able to control all of the things that enter your life, but you can choose how you respond to those events. You can fill the pages with love, compassion, kindness, gentleness, patience and the like, or you can compile a story filled with hate, greed, selfishness, rudeness and similar characteristics. If you aren’t satisfied with how your story is developing, change courses and add new plots. No, you can’t rewrite what’s already been written, but you can change future chapters so that the ending is something that you would be proud to allow others to read. If you hadn’t done it already, start writing an intriguing, powerful story that represents your true self; and once the storyline is finished, make sure it’s one that inspires despite the challenges, mishaps or mistakes that occurred throughout the pages.

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