Just Asking… (Is there anything in your life that moves you to action?)

Many people live their lives sitting on the sidelines complaining about what needs to be done. They are unsatisfied with their world, and they find many opportunities to tell others of their dissatisfaction. These complainers criticize people who are doing the best that they can do, but they offer no solution or alternative to the problem. If they decide to offer solutions, they sit back on the couch immobile, not putting any action steps to their words.


As we examine history, we see that some broke out of the mold of complacency and put forth effort to make changes. They may not have had all of the answers at the time of moving forth, but they did what they knew to do at that time. Many made mistakes along the way. Some had to change the way they did things. Some moved beyond comfort zones and stretched themselves to the limit, but they did not sit back, moan and complain; they allowed discomfort to drive them forward.


Women did it in the past. Minorities also joined the ranks. Those dissatisfied with policies of their day moved out. Some looking for religious freedom did the same. It is not a new concept. People from all over the world have shown courage to change unjust situations for themselves and humankind.


Is there anything in your life that moves you to action? Do you feel so strongly about a situation that you will step out and do something about it, or do you complain and fail to make a difference? No matter how large or small the situation, ask yourself what you can do to make a difference. You may not go down in the history books for your actions, but your actions may change someone else’s life for the better.

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