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Just Asking… (Are you allowing another person’s ignorance to interfere with your life?)

Lacking knowledge in a particular area can be dangerous. Many times, a person fears or incorrectly judges situations or people he may not understand. It is easy for a person to avoid or speculate about things that he hasn’t previously encountered, and if he is not careful, he may make generalizations about situations or people because of his limited experiences. This may be harmless in some instances, but when one begins to limit or dislike others because of their race, economical status, religion, educational level, etc., he is sliding down a slippery slope.


It is even more tragic for a person to allow his potential to be stifled by another person’s ignorance. Instead of living up to his full potential, he listens to the naysayers and dream busters of his day. He conforms to the masses, not wanting to stand up, stand out or be ridiculed. He chooses to silence his passions so that others around him will remain comfortable. Instead of shining brightly and being an example, he masks his skills, living out the script others have written for him.


Are you guilty of conforming to the scripts others have written for you? Are you living a certain way because someone said a person of your race, sex, educational level, religion, etc. should act that way? Is your heart beckoning you to go another route, but those close to you have outlined something differently for you? Are you allowing racists, sexists and others to box you into a corner?


Remember, ignorance may be prevalent, but it doesn’t have to dictate your truth. Don’t allow the ignorance of others to cause you to live in a box. If you conform to its whims, the box you’re pushed into will become smaller and more confining. Therefore, do yourself a favor, overlook the ignorance of others, and live your life to the fullest. You may never change others’ opinions of you, but you sure don’t have to let their opinions stifle what you were designed to do or become.

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Just Asking… (What do your hard times reveal about you?)

Hardships will befall everyone. No matter how noble one lives or how careful he is, he will experience periods of difficulty. He may see them coming, or they may come upon him unexpectedly; regardless, hardships are a fact of life. The interesting thing about difficulties or hardships is that they have a way of revealing what a man truly believes. He can paint a perfect picture of himself when he is doing well, and he may easily fool others around him, but hard times reveal what is in a man. Hard times have a tendency to show that man and others his true self.


Sometimes a person doesn’t know what he is made of. Sometimes he doesn’t know his capabilities. Sometimes he has placed limitations upon himself that he doesn’t know he can overcome. Hard times have a way of causing him to surrender to situations or push him pass the obstacles and cause him to live on a new level. They will cause him to cry in defeat or man up and defeat the odds. Even if he can’t change his situations, hard times can give him the resolve of looking at his situations from different perspectives.


What do your hardships say about you? Do you readily give in and run for cover at the first sign of trouble? Do you take offense at the smallest things, expending energy foolishly that could be used on something more productive? Do you cry and complain excessively without trying to find solutions to your problems? Or do you roll up your sleeves and fight with all of your might to change things that are within your control? Even if you can’t change your situation, do you find a way to change your perception about it?


At the end of the day, you never have to tell others who you are, if you live long enough, your hardships and difficulties will do the speaking for you.

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Just Asking… (Do you realize that a gossiper destroys relationships?)

Not all conversation is profitable. If it destroys people’s characters, family, and other vital relationships, maybe it’s a conversation that needs to be avoided. It may sound pleasing to the ear, or it may bring pleasure to the one sharing the news, but if it can harm others (whether it’s true or not), maybe it is best left unsaid.


A gossiper loves to engage in this type conversation. This person readily shares details about the lives of others regardless of whether the information is true or not. Many times, there’s a malicious intent behind his sharing. When you listen to him, he seems to know everything about everybody, and he is more than willing to share what he thinks he knows to anyone who will give him the time of day. He doesn’t think of the consequences of his words, he just hurls them into the atmosphere, leaving a trail of confusion, ill will and negativity behind.


When you meet someone like this, you should use caution in what you tell him. As an old adage goes: a dog who brings a bone will take one back. This means that if the gossiper is disclosing personal information about others to you, if you share personal information with him, he is more than likely to share your personal information with others.


There’s one way to stop a gossiper; don’t give him a listening ear. If you nip an unhealthy conversation in the bud before it can contaminate your mind, the gossiper will no longer want to hang around. He will look for the next victim to inject with his poisonous conversation.


So be careful around someone who habitually talks about the personal affairs of others. If you give him a platform, you may be his next victim.

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Just Asking… (Are you living up to your full potential?)

Everyone was created with talents and abilities. Not all may be endowed with the same ones, and they may not possess them to the same degree, nevertheless, all of us possess them. Some people recognize this crucial point, and they do everything they can to maximize their talents and abilities. Others operate at a minimum, and do just enough with their talents and abilities to get by. And sadly, some don’t even recognize which talents and abilities they possess. Instead of doing things to discover what they are good at, they moan and complain about their lives, envying others who are flourishing in various arenas.


When one examines the word potential, he will see that someone has the capacity or skill to succeed. However, just because a person has the capacity to do something doesn’t mean that he will do anything. It is optional, and it is up to that individual to decide how he will use what he’s been given.


The interesting thing about potential is that you can’t use the potential that belongs to someone else. You can admire what they have, and you may even desire to be like them, but potential is an individual gift, wrapped specifically for each person. Not only that, potential is stored for use, patiently waiting for each individual to use it. A person can observe it, study it or admire it, but nothing will happen until it’s put to use.


That being said, examine yourself and determine whether you are living up to your potential. Have you discovered your talents and skills? Are you doing things to improve the talents and skills that you’ve been given, or are you sitting on the sidelines waiting for your ship to come in? Remember, potential is patient, and if you refuse to do something with it, it won’t leave, it’ll just follow you to your grave…unused.

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