Just Asking… (Are you living up to your full potential?)

Everyone was created with talents and abilities. Not all may be endowed with the same ones, and they may not possess them to the same degree, nevertheless, all of us possess them. Some people recognize this crucial point, and they do everything they can to maximize their talents and abilities. Others operate at a minimum, and do just enough with their talents and abilities to get by. And sadly, some don’t even recognize which talents and abilities they possess. Instead of doing things to discover what they are good at, they moan and complain about their lives, envying others who are flourishing in various arenas.


When one examines the word potential, he will see that someone has the capacity or skill to succeed. However, just because a person has the capacity to do something doesn’t mean that he will do anything. It is optional, and it is up to that individual to decide how he will use what he’s been given.


The interesting thing about potential is that you can’t use the potential that belongs to someone else. You can admire what they have, and you may even desire to be like them, but potential is an individual gift, wrapped specifically for each person. Not only that, potential is stored for use, patiently waiting for each individual to use it. A person can observe it, study it or admire it, but nothing will happen until it’s put to use.


That being said, examine yourself and determine whether you are living up to your potential. Have you discovered your talents and skills? Are you doing things to improve the talents and skills that you’ve been given, or are you sitting on the sidelines waiting for your ship to come in? Remember, potential is patient, and if you refuse to do something with it, it won’t leave, it’ll just follow you to your grave…unused.

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