Just Asking… (Do you realize that a gossiper destroys relationships?)

Not all conversation is profitable. If it destroys people’s characters, family, and other vital relationships, maybe it’s a conversation that needs to be avoided. It may sound pleasing to the ear, or it may bring pleasure to the one sharing the news, but if it can harm others (whether it’s true or not), maybe it is best left unsaid.


A gossiper loves to engage in this type conversation. This person readily shares details about the lives of others regardless of whether the information is true or not. Many times, there’s a malicious intent behind his sharing. When you listen to him, he seems to know everything about everybody, and he is more than willing to share what he thinks he knows to anyone who will give him the time of day. He doesn’t think of the consequences of his words, he just hurls them into the atmosphere, leaving a trail of confusion, ill will and negativity behind.


When you meet someone like this, you should use caution in what you tell him. As an old adage goes: a dog who brings a bone will take one back. This means that if the gossiper is disclosing personal information about others to you, if you share personal information with him, he is more than likely to share your personal information with others.


There’s one way to stop a gossiper; don’t give him a listening ear. If you nip an unhealthy conversation in the bud before it can contaminate your mind, the gossiper will no longer want to hang around. He will look for the next victim to inject with his poisonous conversation.


So be careful around someone who habitually talks about the personal affairs of others. If you give him a platform, you may be his next victim.

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