Just Asking… (Are you allowing another person’s ignorance to interfere with your life?)

Lacking knowledge in a particular area can be dangerous. Many times, a person fears or incorrectly judges situations or people he may not understand. It is easy for a person to avoid or speculate about things that he hasn’t previously encountered, and if he is not careful, he may make generalizations about situations or people because of his limited experiences. This may be harmless in some instances, but when one begins to limit or dislike others because of their race, economical status, religion, educational level, etc., he is sliding down a slippery slope.


It is even more tragic for a person to allow his potential to be stifled by another person’s ignorance. Instead of living up to his full potential, he listens to the naysayers and dream busters of his day. He conforms to the masses, not wanting to stand up, stand out or be ridiculed. He chooses to silence his passions so that others around him will remain comfortable. Instead of shining brightly and being an example, he masks his skills, living out the script others have written for him.


Are you guilty of conforming to the scripts others have written for you? Are you living a certain way because someone said a person of your race, sex, educational level, religion, etc. should act that way? Is your heart beckoning you to go another route, but those close to you have outlined something differently for you? Are you allowing racists, sexists and others to box you into a corner?


Remember, ignorance may be prevalent, but it doesn’t have to dictate your truth. Don’t allow the ignorance of others to cause you to live in a box. If you conform to its whims, the box you’re pushed into will become smaller and more confining. Therefore, do yourself a favor, overlook the ignorance of others, and live your life to the fullest. You may never change others’ opinions of you, but you sure don’t have to let their opinions stifle what you were designed to do or become.

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