Just Asking… (Do you make good decisions?)

As we travel through life, we will make many decisions. Some of them will promote joy and peace in our lives, while others will inflict pain and suffering. Some decisions may seem unimportant now, but they have long-lasting effects, while others are shrugged off and forgotten. Some decisions are made in the spur of the moment, and some are made after considerable thought. Some are influenced by negative circumstances and events, and some are spawned by encouraging mentors. Some are made because of our “gut feelings” or intuition, while others come after much agonizing. Regardless the catalyst behind our decision-making, we are bombarded with opportunities to make decisions on a daily basis.


In order to make a decision, there must be options. A person may experience a struggle, conflict or question, and at a select moment in time, he mentally allows one of his choices to weigh heavier than the other choices. In other words, he favors one option, allowing it to triumph. As a result, he aligns himself with a particular side.


As mentioned earlier, this can be quick or gradual. The decision can be beneficial or destructive. It can have little impact or be far-reaching.


Think about the decisions you have made. Are your decisions producing positive results in your life, or are they causing pain and suffering? Remember, each decision carries a consequence (either positive or negative). You can choose your decisions, but many times the outcomes are unforeseen. So give yourself a better chance of succeeding: put some thought into your decision-making. More than likely, this will work in your favor and save you from unnecessary anguish.

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One thought on “Just Asking… (Do you make good decisions?)

  1. Rica Chua

    Well i can’t say that I make good decisions. But somehow, my “wrong” decisions lead me into something I am happy about even though I was once very much doubtful about going there in the first place. At the end of the day, it’s all up to how we look at things that makes it “bad” or “good”… anyway, nice post!

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