Just Asking… (Will you agree to be the best person you can be?)

Sometimes, what is beyond our reach seems more appealing than what we have in our hands. Many married people eye single people, secretly wishing for those single days again, while many single people envy those who are married and beg to exchange places with their married counterparts. Some parents wish they didn’t have children, while those who can’t conceive beg to experience the miraculous wonder of childbirth. Some people hate their residence and wish to whisk from city to city or country to country, while those who dash from place to place wish for stability.


Interestingly, many people look at the lives of others and wish to mimic what they see. They examine their own lives and conclude that they are boring and monotonous. They yearn for something different, something exciting. They covet their neighbors’ lifestyles. They fret because they don’t have what they think their co-workers have. They peek over the fence of life and feel that the grass is greener on the other side.


Are you one of these individuals who loathe your life and wish to live in someone else’s shoes? Do you secretly envy the way others are living because you are frustrated with your life? Do you wish to be that famous movie star or that wealthy person you admire?


It’s easy to yearn to live someone else’s life when you don’t know the details of what made them who they are. It’s simple to want what someone else has when you don’t know what it cost him to obtain his possessions. It’s a piece of cake to envy someone else rather than find out what it takes to live your best life.


There’s nothing wrong with looking to others as role models or gleaning from others’ knowledge in order to improve; but when you begin to covet what other people have or who they are, you rob yourself of being the best self you can be. So if you find yourself wanting to live someone else’s life instead of your own, stop yourself. Then channel that same energy into finding out how to live your best life and be the best person that you can be.

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