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Just Asking… (Are you on the treadmill of life?)

A treadmill is a wonderful invention. A person can choose to use this exercise machine at a workout facility, or he can use it in the privacy of his home. He doesn’t have to be exposed to the outside elements; in fact, he can use this apparatus while watching television or listening to music. Additionally, the treadmill measures some great features about a person: his time, his speed, his heart ratio, his distance, his pace and his calories burned. In essence, it allows the person to move continuously without going anywhere.


This is grand for a machine, but is it grand when one considers his life? He may be very active, engaged in many things. He may have the accolades of others, and he may have experienced a level of success. However, when he evaluates his frenzy of activity, he may feel empty and unfulfilled. He has a full schedule, but that schedule doesn’t provide satisfaction. He jets from one thing to another to avoid looking at himself. He’s busy, but that busyness doesn’t lead him on his road to destiny. He’s performing, but his heart is screaming for him to get off the treadmill of life and take another path.


Can you relate to these promptings? Are you busy, but inwardly, you want to do something different? What do you think would happen if you slowed the treadmill down and tested the waters that your heart begs for you to test? It may be scary, but if you never take a chance, you’ll never know.


So ask yourself an essential question. Are you willing to live your life remaining busy, being unfulfilled and going nowhere, or are you willing to take a chance and get off that treadmill in order to discover your destiny? Remember, every moment that passes is a moment you can’t retrieve. So slow down and evaluate your life. But most importantly, quit being busy for the sake of being busy. Get off of the treadmill of life and follow the promptings of your heart.

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Just Asking… (Do you respect authority?)

For I also am a man set under authority… (Taken from Luke of KJV of the Bible.)


Submitting to authority is difficult for many in these days and times. People desire to do their own thing, in their own way, whenever they feel. They see authority as limiting, refraining personal freedom. When authority is understood and not abused, it becomes a tremendous blessing. It allows individuals to work towards a common goal, providing roles and boundaries for those involved.


The centurion was a man of military discipline. He understood how to take commands as well as give them. Additionally, he recognized and respected authority when he saw it. As a result, he went down in history as a man having “so great faith.”


THOUGHT TO PONDER: Authority is not a demeaning word. It provides great liberty when it is operated in properly.

Excerpt taken from Nuggets of Faith

Just Asking… (Are you leaving a deposit for the next generation?)

And David said, Solomon my son is young and tender, and the house that is to be builded for the Lord must be exceeding magnificent, of fame and of glory throughout all countries: I will therefore now make preparation for it. So David prepared abundantly before his death.  (Taken from I Chronicle of KJV of Bible.)


A grand individual leaves a deposit for the next generation. To live life and yet leave something for those coming behind is exactly what God intends for His people to do. It must be noted however that we can leave more than money and material possessions.


As scripture reveals, David wanted to build a house for the Lord, but God would not permit Him to do so. Instead of being filled with disappointment and frustration, David readily yielded to God’s perfect Will. God informed David that Solomon would be allowed to construct the temple. David hastily began to work towards gathering the materials that Solomon would need for the task. Scripture reports that David prepared abundantly before his death. Not only did David leave Solomon with the necessary materials, he blessed Solomon and gave him godly Instructions. This definitely denotes a man after God’s own Heart.


THOUGHT TO PONDER: Don’t be known as one who makes withdrawals only. Leave a deposit for the next generation.

Excerpt from Nuggets of Faith

Just Asking… (Do you realize your hard times didn’t come to stay?)

When a person is in a traumatizing situation, he may think he’ll never get through it. Heaviness looms everywhere, and he can’t see the sunshine because of the vast darkness. The pain is severe, oftentimes causing him to muddle in distress and defeat. Others may try to encourage him, but he sees words of encouragement as leanness to his bones. Instead of pushing forward, he sulks in his situation, not wanting to see the light of day.


Many situations can provoke such emotional trauma in an individual: a bad relationship, a disobedient child, a lack of money, working on an undesirable job, physical pain or any array of things that are out of his control. He may think that he is in a hopeless situation, and the pain will never end.


For those of us who have encountered such pain and made it to the other side, we can attest that bad situations can change. No, a person may not be able to dictate the behaviors of others, but he can change his perspective and/or behavior in order to make his life better. He must ask himself what action steps he needs to take in order to change things.


He may need to distance himself from a relationship. He may need to see a counselor. He may need to change his attitude about his job, or he may need to change jobs. He may need to have that surgery that he loathes. Regardless what needs to happen, he must exchange that feeling of despair for a sense of hope.


Look at those who have gone before. If they can make it through their midnights, so can you. Embracing and believing this nugget of truth can provide hope in your darkest hour.

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Just Asking… (Do you realize that taking a moment to reflect on your accomplishments can motivate you to do greater things?)

During my career as a counselor, I met many individuals who felt useless or unfulfilled. They believed they lived their lives without making any significant mark in the world. They felt they hadn’t accomplished anything worthwhile. In fact, they felt they hadn’t mastered any skill. As we delved into their pasts, I helped them discover that this was faulty thinking. Initially, I defined the word “accomplishment” for them. After they realized that it meant having completed a goal (regardless how minuscule), they were opened to proceed with the process.


As they recalled past victories (after a bit of prompting), the light of recognition flickered. They started to name things such as learning to ride a bicycle, winning a math competition in the fourth grade, learning to tie shoes, reciting the words to poems, getting jobs, etc. Once they named several successes, I gave them the assignment to list one-hundred accomplishments they made throughout their lives. Most of the time, this was met with resistance, but after I convinced them that they could complete this assignment with flying colors, many came back to my office amazed.


Watching these individuals recite their accomplishments was fascinating. Many of them had forgotten some of the incredible things they had done throughout their lives. Once they shared their lists, we discussed their feelings about their lists (usually they were on an emotional high). While they were infused with energy, I reminded them that if they could accomplish past feats, they could accomplish future ones as well. Some took the challenge and went on to do more great things. These accomplishments may not have been great in the eyes of others, but I reminded them that “great” is in the eye of the beholder.


I challenge you to take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments. Remember, if you have mastered past feats, future feats are waiting for you to master them too.

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Just Asking… (Are you willing to do something about your complaints?)


It’s easy to sit and complain about situations. It’s easy to down the efforts of others. It’s easy to say that we would do things differently if we had a chance. It’s easy to point out discrepancies, wrongs and errors. Anybody can do these things any day of the week. However, it’s more challenging to look at a situation that you find disturbing and get involved. To get involved may mean you have to get your hands dirty. To get involved may mean you have to make sacrifices. To get involved may mean you may have to allow others into your world.


Think about the last time you complained about a situation that affected humanity. Did you complain because the poor didn’t have much to eat? Did you complain because you felt those in authority were out of touch with reality? Did you complain because the educational system was not efficient? Did you complain because you saw discrimination, or you saw people’s rights being violated? After your complaint, what did you do? Did you go on about your business as if nothing matters, or did you take an action step (regardless how small) to rectify the problem?


Make an agreement today. If you refuse to do something about your complaints, then stop complaining. The only thing complaining does is add negativity into the atmosphere. So with every complaint, find something you can do to make things better. That way, you will be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

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Just Asking… (When was the last time you witnessed a miracle?)

Sometimes we are too busy to witness the amazing things in life. However, if we slow down and examine things around us, we may catch glimpses of awesome wonders. We may witness the divine operating in the natural realm.


The other week, my husband and I went on a day trip. After roaming around a beautiful city in the south, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. As we sat in the beautiful edifice, I noticed an elderly woman eating lunch alone. Initially, I allowed my gaze to meet hers, and after a few seconds, I directed my attention back to my menu. My husband and I engaged in small talk, but my mind continued to be on the woman at the booth. I finally asked my husband whether he had any extra cash. He affirmed that he did, and I asked him to allow me to do something nice for someone. He readily complied. I went over to the woman, gave her the money and told her that my husband and I wanted to pay for her lunch. Tears formed in her eyes as she thanked me for the kind gesture.


My husband and I continued with our lunch, and the lady continued with hers. When she got ready to leave, she came by our booth to thank us again. She informed us that our offer was the third offer to pay for her lunch that day (the other two offers were before we arrived). She told us her history, and apparently, she had been a volunteer for thirty years. She said she was currently volunteering at a local hospital.


Isn’t that amazing? Three offers to pay for her lunch in one setting! I saw it as God intervening in her situation for offering her services freely to others. It was a prime example of the miraculous happening within our midst.


So take time and stop to examine the wonders that are happening. No matter how bad things may seem, God is still working through people. Allow Him to work through you to make the miraculous happen for others.

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