Just Asking… (Do you realize your hard times didn’t come to stay?)

When a person is in a traumatizing situation, he may think he’ll never get through it. Heaviness looms everywhere, and he can’t see the sunshine because of the vast darkness. The pain is severe, oftentimes causing him to muddle in distress and defeat. Others may try to encourage him, but he sees words of encouragement as leanness to his bones. Instead of pushing forward, he sulks in his situation, not wanting to see the light of day.


Many situations can provoke such emotional trauma in an individual: a bad relationship, a disobedient child, a lack of money, working on an undesirable job, physical pain or any array of things that are out of his control. He may think that he is in a hopeless situation, and the pain will never end.


For those of us who have encountered such pain and made it to the other side, we can attest that bad situations can change. No, a person may not be able to dictate the behaviors of others, but he can change his perspective and/or behavior in order to make his life better. He must ask himself what action steps he needs to take in order to change things.


He may need to distance himself from a relationship. He may need to see a counselor. He may need to change his attitude about his job, or he may need to change jobs. He may need to have that surgery that he loathes. Regardless what needs to happen, he must exchange that feeling of despair for a sense of hope.


Look at those who have gone before. If they can make it through their midnights, so can you. Embracing and believing this nugget of truth can provide hope in your darkest hour.

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