Just Asking… (Are you on the treadmill of life?)

A treadmill is a wonderful invention. A person can choose to use this exercise machine at a workout facility, or he can use it in the privacy of his home. He doesn’t have to be exposed to the outside elements; in fact, he can use this apparatus while watching television or listening to music. Additionally, the treadmill measures some great features about a person: his time, his speed, his heart ratio, his distance, his pace and his calories burned. In essence, it allows the person to move continuously without going anywhere.


This is grand for a machine, but is it grand when one considers his life? He may be very active, engaged in many things. He may have the accolades of others, and he may have experienced a level of success. However, when he evaluates his frenzy of activity, he may feel empty and unfulfilled. He has a full schedule, but that schedule doesn’t provide satisfaction. He jets from one thing to another to avoid looking at himself. He’s busy, but that busyness doesn’t lead him on his road to destiny. He’s performing, but his heart is screaming for him to get off the treadmill of life and take another path.


Can you relate to these promptings? Are you busy, but inwardly, you want to do something different? What do you think would happen if you slowed the treadmill down and tested the waters that your heart begs for you to test? It may be scary, but if you never take a chance, you’ll never know.


So ask yourself an essential question. Are you willing to live your life remaining busy, being unfulfilled and going nowhere, or are you willing to take a chance and get off that treadmill in order to discover your destiny? Remember, every moment that passes is a moment you can’t retrieve. So slow down and evaluate your life. But most importantly, quit being busy for the sake of being busy. Get off of the treadmill of life and follow the promptings of your heart.

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