Just Asking… (Are the allowing the envy and jealousy of others to stop your success?)

But the children of Belial said, How shall this man save us? And they despised him, and brought him no presents. But he held his peace.  (Taken from I Samuel of KJV of Bible.)


Not everyone is going to be happy about your success. It is senseless to believe that everyone will stand with you when God honors you. Actually, some will openly oppose you, even when you have been elevated by the Hand of God. It is essential that believers remember this, especially those who God has chosen to be in positions of leadership. This will keep them from becoming bitter at those who despise their promotions.


When Saul was promoted as king, the children of Belial despised him and questioned his ability to save them. In open rebellion, they refused to bring Saul presents. Even though God allowed Saul to serve in this position, the children of Belial failed to recognize his authority. Saul, in wisdom, held his peace. Since God had promoted him, he did not need to fight against his subjects. That would be taken care of in due season.


Never let jealousy and envy of others stop you from enjoying the successes afforded to you by God. If God blessed you with success, He meant for you to enjoy it freely.


THOUGHT TO PONDER: Never let another man’s jealousy or envy stop you from enjoying your blessings.

Excerpt taken from Nuggets of Faith


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