Just Asking… (Do you realize that pain can be a great motivator?)

Most of us don’t like pain. However, pain can be a driving force for change. Some people will never do anything differently in their lives until the pain of situations become unbearable. They have to hit their bottoms before they start to look up and believe they can do better.

Have you ever seen someone complain about his job every day, but doesn’t make a change until he is passed over for a promotion or a raise? Have you ever seen someone moan and groan about his weight, but doesn’t get serious about changing his diet until his doctor gives him a bad report? Have you ever seen someone refuse to let go of a negative friend until that friend betrays his trust and causes him great distress?

In situations like these, pain is our friend and not our enemy. It allows us to move away from something that is causing “dis-ease” in our lives. So don’t despise your pain. It may be the conduit that takes you to better things.

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