Just Asking… (Are you willing to give your best in every situation?)

Have you ever visited a restaurant and observed a waiter providing excellent customer service? When the service is superb, the waiter knows exactly when to visit his customer’s table. He visits often enough to ensure that his customer is comfortable, but he doesn’t visit too often so that he becomes a nuisance. Not only that, the competent server flows with an air of professionalism. He approaches his customer with a smile, making him feel important. He keeps his eye on his customer, making it his goal to anticipate his customer’s needs. He doesn’t recite a litany of things he can’t do for his customer; instead, he informs his customer of what he can do. In some instances, he makes recommendations, hoping to steer an undecided customer in a satisfying direction. When most people encounter a waiter performing at this magnitude, they are compelled to leave that waiter a large tip.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each person treated every area of his life with the same spirit of excellence as an exceptional waiter treated his job? I’m not implying that a person has to be perfect, but I am wondering how differently things would be if each person did his very best in every endeavor that he undertook. What do you think would happen if that person strove to be an excellent spouse, parent, employee, employer or student? Do you think he would act differently if he knew he would be rewarded according to his efforts? Do you think things would change in a person’s life if he woke up every morning vowing to do his best in each situation that he encountered?


Instead of guessing the results, make this challenge your own. Get up each day and decide to give every situation your best. Once you do, you decide whether giving your best in each situation was worth the effort.

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