Just Asking… (Have you taken the time to get to know your potential mate?)

Many families go on vacation during the summer months. Most of the time, they don’t get in the car or another mode of transportation and end up wherever, they usually make plans ahead of time. Many of them select their hotels, plan their activities, estimate their budgets, map out directions, etc. Before their day of departure, they have tentative plans, hoping to make their vacation as enjoyable as possible.


Most people understand preparing for a vacation, but they fail to invest that same energy when it comes to entering one of the most sacred institutions on earth: marriage. Instead of investing time and effort in a relationship, they base a relationship on fleeting emotions. Instead of talking about significant issues, they sweep things under the rug, hoping their major concerns will disappear. Instead of really getting to know their potential mate, they appear content hanging onto frills that aren’t strong enough to keep a relationship intact. Instead of looking at reality, they rationalize that the feelings they have for each other can conquer all.


Since marriage is such a huge step, wouldn’t it seem reasonable that it shouldn’t be entered into lightly? Doesn’t it seem wiser to ask the hard questions now rather than find out the hard answers later? Wouldn’t it seem starting on a firm foundation can help ensure that a structure will last?


No, nothing is one-hundred percent guaranteed; but it seems that if preparing for a vacation can make a vacation run more smoothly, then preparing for marriage is a no-brainer.

Before We Say “I Do”: The Premarital Workbook


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