Just Asking… (Are you allowing jealousy to drive your life?)

I was watching a television show where researchers were conducting an experiment with two monkeys. The monkeys were in adjacent cages. They could see each other, but they could not touch each other. It was the researcher’s job to get the first monkey to perform a trick. Once the first monkey performed the trick correctly, the researcher gave him a chunk of cucumber. The monkey gleefully took the treat and gobbled it down. Within seconds, the researcher encouraged the second monkey to perform the same trick. Once the second monkey performed the trick, he received a nice, large grape. The first monkey saw the treat that the second monkey received, so he performed the trick again. When he received a chunk of cucumber, he threw it out of his cage. He started banging on his cage and even tried to attack his fellow monkey. No matter how many times he was offered the cucumber, he refused to accept it. After seeing what the other monkey received, he wanted the same treat.


This experiment made me think of human nature. Sometimes, people are happy with what they have until they see someone else receive something better. Then, the very thing that made them happy no longer suits them. They want what their family member, neighbor, co-worker, etc. has. And if they don’t get it, jealousy bubbles within and causes them to act out. As a result, they talk about the person, shun the person, dislike the person or act out in other unseemly ways.


Isn’t it a tragedy to live under the bondage of jealousy? Isn’t it sad when a person is unhappy because his fellow man possesses something he doesn’t have or has accomplished something he secretly wished he had accomplished? Know that jealousy enslaves its victim and causes him to forfeit his happiness and contentment. It adds nothing but negativity to one’s life, and if left unchecked, it attracts other negative emotions.


Don’t allow jealousy to sneak into the crevices of your life. If it already has, give it the boot. Celebrate with those who possess more or may have accomplished more than you have. Strive to be the best self you can be, and never, ever forget to be grateful for who you are and what you already have. Remember, jealousy is a careless driver; it doesn’t stop until it takes someone down.

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