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Just Asking… (Through which color lens are you seeing your world?)


It’s amazing how different people can view the same event and end up with different summations about that event. One individual may see the event as negative while another individual may see that same event as positive. One individual may focus on one particular element of that event while another individual may focus on something entirely different. When asked about the event, one person may give one account while another person may give another. Surprisingly, some people, even though they believe they are telling the truth, will add things to the event that never occurred.


Whether a person realizes it or not, his perception about his world becomes his reality. If he sees the world as a mean, cruel place, his world will offer him exactly what he expects. If he sees the world as warm and inviting, somehow, the universe will deliver his expectations to him. Even in the midst of trying situations, he can conjure up hope if he changes his perspective.


How are you seeing your world? Is it tainted because of negative experiences and encounters, or is it flowered with optimism and hope? If you desire a change, cleanse your lens with a dose of positivity on a daily basis. If you do, you may find that the same world that looked bleak and dismal in the past will begin to change right before your eyes.

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Just Asking… (Are you doing more than cursing the darkness?)

Some people major in complaining. They are quick to spot injustices, errors or mishaps, and they readily tell others about their perceptions of these things. Instead of looking for potential solutions to problems, they broadcast these situations; and most of the time, they make them worse instead of better. As long as they have an audience, they continue their rants and fill the environment with their negativity.


Wouldn’t it be grand if these same people complained less and explored ways to come up with solutions? Wouldn’t it be more productive if they used their energy taking action steps that would assist instead of destroy? Wouldn’t it be wise for them to be silent if they weren’t willing to do something to make things better?


We all need to ask ourselves just how many times we’ve complained about matters but failed to incorporate action steps to improve things. How many times have we sat on our couches criticizing those who were doing the best they could? How many times have we cursed the darkness without offering solutions of light?


Anyone can curse the darkness. That takes very little effort. But how many of us are willing to get off our backsides and make a difference? Remember, the only way to diminish the darkness is to flood it with light. So instead of complaining, try working towards solutions. If this is done on a regular basis, we may find there’s less darkness to curse.

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Just Asking… (Have you ever taken a leap of faith?)


As I sit here reflecting on some of my decisions, the above question popped into my mind. I gave the question some serious thought, and as a result decided to describe a time when I took a leap of faith. At the time, I didn’t know whether it was foolish or wise, but I knew it was something I had to do in order to be satisfied with myself.


For a little over twenty years, I worked as a counselor, addressing women’s issues, addictions, family dynamics, etc. I had seen many types of individuals over the course of my career, and I was very fortunate to have had mentors who showed me the ropes. I worked hard and devoted most of my waking hours to helping my clients. Then, it occurred. After about nineteen years in, I started to feel dissatisfied with my profession. It seemed the empathy and compassion I had for others grew thin, and I was more interested in finishing my day than meeting the daily challenges I knew I would face. I tried to ignore the promptings that it was time for me to change courses. Just the thought of leaving the familiar was frightening (even though remaining was becoming unbearable).


Finally, after a two-year struggle, I decided to leave what I knew in order to do what I loved. I wish I could say I had everything in order when I took the plunge, but I didn’t. I knew in my heart I was doing the right thing, but the circumstances blared that I was making a huge mistake. And to be honest, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, but regardless of my circumstances, I knew I would eventually be all right.


Was it scary? Yes it was. Were there times when I wanted to turn back? Yes there were. Did I second-guess myself? Yes I did. Did I question God? Of course. In spite of all of my unsteady emotions, and frightening thoughts, I stayed the course. I knew I would not have made it without God’s guidance and the support of my family.


Taking that leap was scary but remaining where I was would have been devastating. There’s one lesson I learned as a result of taking a leap of faith. Sometimes the only way to walk in your destiny is to take that chance on you. If you never leap, you’ll never know.

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Just Asking… (Are you on the wrong path in life?)

One of my favorite perks of surfing the web is discovering new restaurants. If pictures are available, I examine the building (both inside and out), scan the menu and read the reviews. If the information peaks my interest, I type the address in my GPS and make my way to the destination.


The last time I took an excursion to a restaurant, my GPS suggested that I travel a route that didn’t “feel right” to me. I traveled through a small town, and it appeared that my GPS was leading me in the wrong direction. Therefore, I took it upon myself to follow what “felt right.” As you can imagine, instead of heading towards the desired destination, I found myself going on the wrong path, making my trip longer than it should have been. I must admit, the GPS kept telling me to turn around, but I ignored the warnings and kept traveling on the wrong path. Finally, after ending up in a scantly populated place, I decided to follow the instructions the GPS gave. Once I put down my agenda, and followed instructions, I ended up where I needed to be.


Before judging me harshly, think how many times God has directed us to travel certain paths, but because we wanted to do our own things and wanted things our own ways, we made our journeys unusually long. We kept getting warnings from every direction to turn around, but we ignored those warnings because they weren’t exactly what we wanted to hear. We kept on going until the road became unbearable. It was only then that we were able to release our selfishness and follow God’s promptings and commands.


Let this be an object lesson. Follow the promptings and commands of God. If you are traveling on a destructive path, turn around now. If you keep going on a path that you know is wrong for you, you may end up accruing a bill that you can’t pay.

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