Just Asking… (Are you on the wrong path in life?)

One of my favorite perks of surfing the web is discovering new restaurants. If pictures are available, I examine the building (both inside and out), scan the menu and read the reviews. If the information peaks my interest, I type the address in my GPS and make my way to the destination.


The last time I took an excursion to a restaurant, my GPS suggested that I travel a route that didn’t “feel right” to me. I traveled through a small town, and it appeared that my GPS was leading me in the wrong direction. Therefore, I took it upon myself to follow what “felt right.” As you can imagine, instead of heading towards the desired destination, I found myself going on the wrong path, making my trip longer than it should have been. I must admit, the GPS kept telling me to turn around, but I ignored the warnings and kept traveling on the wrong path. Finally, after ending up in a scantly populated place, I decided to follow the instructions the GPS gave. Once I put down my agenda, and followed instructions, I ended up where I needed to be.


Before judging me harshly, think how many times God has directed us to travel certain paths, but because we wanted to do our own things and wanted things our own ways, we made our journeys unusually long. We kept getting warnings from every direction to turn around, but we ignored those warnings because they weren’t exactly what we wanted to hear. We kept on going until the road became unbearable. It was only then that we were able to release our selfishness and follow God’s promptings and commands.


Let this be an object lesson. Follow the promptings and commands of God. If you are traveling on a destructive path, turn around now. If you keep going on a path that you know is wrong for you, you may end up accruing a bill that you can’t pay.

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