Just Asking… (Are you doing more than cursing the darkness?)

Some people major in complaining. They are quick to spot injustices, errors or mishaps, and they readily tell others about their perceptions of these things. Instead of looking for potential solutions to problems, they broadcast these situations; and most of the time, they make them worse instead of better. As long as they have an audience, they continue their rants and fill the environment with their negativity.


Wouldn’t it be grand if these same people complained less and explored ways to come up with solutions? Wouldn’t it be more productive if they used their energy taking action steps that would assist instead of destroy? Wouldn’t it be wise for them to be silent if they weren’t willing to do something to make things better?


We all need to ask ourselves just how many times we’ve complained about matters but failed to incorporate action steps to improve things. How many times have we sat on our couches criticizing those who were doing the best they could? How many times have we cursed the darkness without offering solutions of light?


Anyone can curse the darkness. That takes very little effort. But how many of us are willing to get off our backsides and make a difference? Remember, the only way to diminish the darkness is to flood it with light. So instead of complaining, try working towards solutions. If this is done on a regular basis, we may find there’s less darkness to curse.

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