Just Asking… (Through which color lens are you seeing your world?)


It’s amazing how different people can view the same event and end up with different summations about that event. One individual may see the event as negative while another individual may see that same event as positive. One individual may focus on one particular element of that event while another individual may focus on something entirely different. When asked about the event, one person may give one account while another person may give another. Surprisingly, some people, even though they believe they are telling the truth, will add things to the event that never occurred.


Whether a person realizes it or not, his perception about his world becomes his reality. If he sees the world as a mean, cruel place, his world will offer him exactly what he expects. If he sees the world as warm and inviting, somehow, the universe will deliver his expectations to him. Even in the midst of trying situations, he can conjure up hope if he changes his perspective.


How are you seeing your world? Is it tainted because of negative experiences and encounters, or is it flowered with optimism and hope? If you desire a change, cleanse your lens with a dose of positivity on a daily basis. If you do, you may find that the same world that looked bleak and dismal in the past will begin to change right before your eyes.

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