Just Asking… (Are you ready to move from a state of complacency?)

Complacency. A time drainer. A dream stealer. A robber of life. Can you relate?


This word reminded me of an account I read about four men in a very undesirable position. They were at the bottom of the barrel, had no hope left and were isolated from their friends and family. They did not choose to be in that state, but life threw them a curve ball, and they were forced into the trenches of life. They were leprous men, and in their day and time, the disease demanded that they live away from the very lives they once knew. As fate would have it, a famine was in the land and if that wasn’t enough, their enemies were looking to consume their city. It seemed that things could not get any worse.


As they reasoned among themselves, they realized that they were about to die. They finally asked a profound question. “Why sit we here until we die?” They felt they had two choices. They could remain where they were and starve of hunger, or they could approach their enemies and possibly get killed. (What choices!) They finally decided to take a chance and approach their enemies. As it turned out, they didn’t meet the gloom and doom they expected, they met great fortune. Instead of facing an assemblage of weapons, they found food and supplies. And due to unforeseen circumstances, their enemies had scattered. Their willingness to take a chance saved their lives.


Which enemies in your life are holding you hostage? Is it a lack of money, fear, low self-esteem, or a lack of knowledge? Whatever it is, follow the example of the leprous men and take a chance. You never know, your good fortune may be on the other side of the thing that is restricting you.

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