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Words that you allow to settle in your heart are like bits in a horse’s mouth. They steer you in a particular direction (whether you like it or not).

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New Release


A dying woman’s confession sends Nicholas Wilson, the esteemed Treatment Director of St. Paul’s Psychiatric Hospital, straight to a prison cell. As he fights to keep his sanity, a recurring dream hounds his former co-worker, convincing her that Nicholas was framed. She persuades Andrew Chillings, to join her in this pursuit for justice, but Sandra, Andrew’s wife, wants Nicholas to rot in prison for the crime she thinks he’s committed.

Tempers flare, tears flow and emotions run rampant as the search for truth gains momentum. Hidden secrets are exposed, and key relationships are threatened.

Will those in authority overturn the guilty verdict and allow Nicholas to walk out of this entrapment a free man, or will the accusation crying from the grave seal his fate? Justice hangs in the balance, and only a divine intervention has the power to tilt the scales in the right direction.

When Truth Speaks



Just Asking…Are you living up to your potential, or will you take most of it to the grave?

Best Self AwardPotential. One word. Many possibilities. When someone has potential, he or she has the ability to succeed, conquer, fulfill, explore, become, etc. There is an enormous amount of power in potential. Potential has to be worked out. It wants to be displayed. It needs to express itself.

Potential can propel a person to greatness if that person allows it to; but oftentimes, potential is muffled by fear. Not only that, a person with potential may not recognize it; or if he does recognize it, he may take it for granted.

Where are you in regards to your potential? Take a moment and examine yourself. In what areas do you have potential? Are you using your potential to the fullest? Are you taking your potential for granted? Are you procrastinating when it comes to this precious commodity?

If you’re not living up to your potential, stomp out all excuses. Get busy and stir up your inner greatness. Do your best and become your best. Remember, you can live up to your potential, or you can do like so many others and take most of it to the grave.

Books by Levon