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A dying woman’s confession sends Nicholas Wilson, the esteemed Treatment Director of St. Paul’s Psychiatric Hospital, straight to a prison cell. As he fights to keep his sanity, a recurring dream hounds his former co-worker, convincing her that Nicholas was framed. She persuades Andrew Chillings, to join her in this pursuit for justice, but Sandra, Andrew’s wife, wants Nicholas to rot in prison for the crime she thinks he’s committed.

Tempers flare, tears flow and emotions run rampant as the search for truth gains momentum. Hidden secrets are exposed, and key relationships are threatened.

Will those in authority overturn the guilty verdict and allow Nicholas to walk out of this entrapment a free man, or will the accusation crying from the grave seal his fate? Justice hangs in the balance, and only a divine intervention has the power to tilt the scales in the right direction.

When Truth Speaks





Sometimes Saying “I’m Sorry” For Something You’ve Done Wrong Is The Very Thing That Gets The Healing Process Started.

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Just Asking… (Do you realize that it takes more than time to heal old wounds?)

As a child growing up, I used to hear many adults say that time heals all wounds. That may be so when it comes to some physical ailments, but as I’ve matured, I’ve discovered that many people are still suffering from emotional wounds, wounds that were caused many years prior. They are still nursing the hurts from their childhoods, past relationships, or past mistakes. As the clock ticks, many times, the wounds aren’t healed; they are embedded deeper into those individuals’ psyches.


One may wonder what is necessary to start the healing process. Sometimes, a person has to forgive the offender in order to move forward. At other times, a person may need to ask someone to forgive him for something he did. On occasion, a person may need to make restitution to the offended person, or he may need to make amends if possible.


Sometimes righting a wrong will enhance the healing process quicker than anything else will. It may require one to swallow his pride in order to move in the right direction, but that one act, performed in the spirit of humility and earnestness could shave off years of offense.


Are you suffering from an old emotional wound? Is it disrupting the peace in your life? If it is, do something that can bring reconciliation to your situation. Don’t wait for time when the situation calls for action on your part.

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Just Asking… (Are you allowing resentment to rob you of your peace?)

Have you ever had someone say something to you in the wrong way or offend you in some area and every time you see him, you experience a negative feeling? When you see that person or hear that person’s name, your mood immediately changes, and you can go from happy to upset in an instant. You may have conjured up negative thoughts about this person, and you loathe his presence or you try to avoid him at all costs. Sometimes, you rehearse the offense to others, even going as far as telling them how awful this person is. If you’ve experienced this, then you are dealing with resentment. When we examine the definition of the word, we see that resentment is feeling displeasure or even indignation at something someone has said or done. That person may have wronged you, or you may have perceived that that person wronged you. Regardless of whether he did or not, the feelings are still the same.


It would be appropriate to bask in resentment if it would add value to your life; however, all resentment does is rob you of your peace. It takes up residence in your mind and occupies a space where peace should reside. If it is not dealt with appropriately, it grows. It can infiltrate your sleep and rob you of enjoying your present moment. It does not add; it destroys.


Knowing this, ask yourself one question. Who are you hurting when you harbor resentment? It sounds like the offender (if he really did offend) is moving on while you are stuck as a prisoner of the offense. But don’t despair; there is good news. There is a way to escape this imprisonment. You can forgive the offender and walk out a free person; and if you want to add icing on the cake, do something nice for him. That will really add to your liberty! So throw the shackles off and move pass that resentment. Don’t allow it to rob one more precious moment of your life.

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Just Asking… (Do you realize people can change?)

Have you ever met someone who lived a tumultuous life as a youth? He may have gotten in trouble from day one, causing havoc wherever he went. People hated to see him coming because they knew problems would accompany him. His parents fretted over his lifestyle, many times lost because of his behavior. Teachers loathed having him in their classes, knowing that with him discipline problems would be the norm. People kept their belongings under lock and key because if they didn’t, their things would disappear with him. He may have gained a reputation, one that cost him the things and people he loved.


Even in a seemingly hopeless situation like this, there is a ray of hope. As long as this person has breath, there is a possibility for change. He can become different. He can travel a different path, and he can be genuinely sorry for his past behaviors.


Sometimes the problem is not with the “rehabilitated person” but with those who remember his past deeds. Even though he has proven by his lifestyle that he no longer desires his old ways, some people keep his past before him, reminding him of what he used to be. Even though he has made amends wherever possible, some never let him forget things he can never change.


It is unfair to continue to punish a person when he has paid for his wrongs and done his best to make amends. If he is living differently, he deserves a second chance. He may not be able to mend some of his relationships, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a second chance at life.


Are you holding someone hostage to his past even though he has changed? If you are, consider yourself. You never know when your mistakes may be unforgivable in the eyes of others, repaying you with the same scrutiny you are dishing out on someone else.

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Just Asking… (Do you know walking in offense can take you off your road to destiny?)


It takes some people longer than others to discover purpose, and after they find what they are destined to do or who they are destined to be, most work towards it with diligence. Nevertheless, things may occur to cause a person to lose focus, making it difficult to continue on the road that he was designed to travel.


Have you ever seen a person progressing smoothly in his profession, gleaning from his mentor and after working together for a while his mentor says something to hurt his feelings? Instead of working through the issue or looking for areas of improvement, that person throws in the towel and refuses to listen to anything else his mentor says. Even if he has gained much knowledge from his mentor, he chooses to throw the entire relationship away because of an offense. An old cliché describes it as throwing the baby out with the bath water. As we examine the cliché, we would say it’s absurd for someone to do such a thing, but if a person is not careful, he may make the same mistake because of an offense.


Not only that, a person may belong to an organization that has benefited him and helped him grow. Yet one day, one of its members fails to acknowledge his presence, or another member points out one of his flaws, and the person decides not to return to the organization. He leaves without attempting to work towards a resolution.


It is easy to dismiss something or someone because of one offense. However, before bolting, a person should ask himself is that the right thing to do. Sometimes those very people, places, organizations, etc. are placed in a person’s life to help him move to the next level, but if he leaves them prematurely, he may postpone his promotion. Leaving is not always wrong, but before one throws in the towel, he should decide whether that is the best decision. He shouldn’t act hastily, but he should put some thought into his actions before he acts.


Look at areas where you were offended. Did you make decisions while you were hot with emotion that you later regretted? That one little act could have caused you to take a detour from your destiny. No, I’m not advocating abuse in any form. I’m just asking you to stop and think before making your move. Be one who considers his ways. Don’t allow one offense to cause you a lifetime of wandering.

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