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If A Person Doesn’t Deal With Jealousy, It Will Eventually Cause Him To Say Or Do Something He Will One Day Regret.

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The Best Revenge For Your Enemies Is Your Personal Success.

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Personal Growth

Sometimes We Outgrow The People, Places And Things Around Us. It May Be Hard To Move On When We Do, But If We Remain, We’ll Stunt Future Growth.

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Just Asking… (Is it time for you to move on?)

And it came to pass after a while, that the brook dried up, because there had been no rain in the land. (Taken from I King of KJV of the Bible.)

God allows us to go to certain places, do certain things or be with certain people during specific seasons in our lives. During these times, things may flourish, and we know that we are in the perfect Will of the Father. Then, after a while, the same places, things or people in which God guided us towards become barren or burdensome in our lives. What has happened? It may be that those places, things or people have served their purposes in our lives, and it’s time for us to move on.

God instructed Elijah to hide himself by the brook Cherith. God promised to provide Elijah with provision there. The Bible states that after a while, the same brook, the one that God led Elijah to, dried up. The brook had served its purpose in Elijah’s life, and it was then time for him to move on.

When God instructs us to move from places, things or people that He initially guided us towards, we need to move without hesitation. When the places, things or people have served their purposes, we can no longer make them fit into our destinies. Trying to do so will only create heartache and pain.

THOUGHT TO PONDER: The same things that provided provision can cause pain if we remain with them past God’s allotted Time.

Excerpt taken from Nuggets of Faith

Just Asking… (Do you realize that learning to say “no” can reduce a lot of your stress?)

Have you ever met a person who thinks he can be everything to everybody? This person is known as a “people-pleaser” because he will do almost anything to avoid hurting the feelings of others. He may have a million and one things on his “to-do list,” yet when someone asks him to do just one more thing, he readily accepts. He may be seething on the inside, angry because he has one more thing to do, but you would never know it by looking at him, because he accepts the request without resistance.


If you take a closer look at this individual, you may notice headaches, stomachaches, backaches, depression, chest pains, inability to sleep, etc. He carries the loads of others, trying to protect their feelings while forfeiting his own comfort and peace of mind.

In instances like these, a two-letter word can go a long way. Saying “no” to the requests of others may be the very medicine that’s needed. It may be uncomfortable at first, and others may even get angry, but it will be worth it if it lightens the overwhelmed person’s load.


If you find yourself stressed because you take on too much, try this one-word, two-letter cure. The wonder-working effects may surprise you.

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Just Asking… (Do you realize that pain can be a great motivator?)

Most of us don’t like pain. However, pain can be a driving force for change. Some people will never do anything differently in their lives until the pain of situations become unbearable. They have to hit their bottoms before they start to look up and believe they can do better.

Have you ever seen someone complain about his job every day, but doesn’t make a change until he is passed over for a promotion or a raise? Have you ever seen someone moan and groan about his weight, but doesn’t get serious about changing his diet until his doctor gives him a bad report? Have you ever seen someone refuse to let go of a negative friend until that friend betrays his trust and causes him great distress?

In situations like these, pain is our friend and not our enemy. It allows us to move away from something that is causing “dis-ease” in our lives. So don’t despise your pain. It may be the conduit that takes you to better things.

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Just Asking… (Do you realize your hard times didn’t come to stay?)

When a person is in a traumatizing situation, he may think he’ll never get through it. Heaviness looms everywhere, and he can’t see the sunshine because of the vast darkness. The pain is severe, oftentimes causing him to muddle in distress and defeat. Others may try to encourage him, but he sees words of encouragement as leanness to his bones. Instead of pushing forward, he sulks in his situation, not wanting to see the light of day.


Many situations can provoke such emotional trauma in an individual: a bad relationship, a disobedient child, a lack of money, working on an undesirable job, physical pain or any array of things that are out of his control. He may think that he is in a hopeless situation, and the pain will never end.


For those of us who have encountered such pain and made it to the other side, we can attest that bad situations can change. No, a person may not be able to dictate the behaviors of others, but he can change his perspective and/or behavior in order to make his life better. He must ask himself what action steps he needs to take in order to change things.


He may need to distance himself from a relationship. He may need to see a counselor. He may need to change his attitude about his job, or he may need to change jobs. He may need to have that surgery that he loathes. Regardless what needs to happen, he must exchange that feeling of despair for a sense of hope.


Look at those who have gone before. If they can make it through their midnights, so can you. Embracing and believing this nugget of truth can provide hope in your darkest hour.

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