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Just Asking… (When was the last time you witnessed a miracle?)

Sometimes we are too busy to witness the amazing things in life. However, if we slow down and examine things around us, we may catch glimpses of awesome wonders. We may witness the divine operating in the natural realm.


The other week, my husband and I went on a day trip. After roaming around a beautiful city in the south, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. As we sat in the beautiful edifice, I noticed an elderly woman eating lunch alone. Initially, I allowed my gaze to meet hers, and after a few seconds, I directed my attention back to my menu. My husband and I engaged in small talk, but my mind continued to be on the woman at the booth. I finally asked my husband whether he had any extra cash. He affirmed that he did, and I asked him to allow me to do something nice for someone. He readily complied. I went over to the woman, gave her the money and told her that my husband and I wanted to pay for her lunch. Tears formed in her eyes as she thanked me for the kind gesture.


My husband and I continued with our lunch, and the lady continued with hers. When she got ready to leave, she came by our booth to thank us again. She informed us that our offer was the third offer to pay for her lunch that day (the other two offers were before we arrived). She told us her history, and apparently, she had been a volunteer for thirty years. She said she was currently volunteering at a local hospital.


Isn’t that amazing? Three offers to pay for her lunch in one setting! I saw it as God intervening in her situation for offering her services freely to others. It was a prime example of the miraculous happening within our midst.


So take time and stop to examine the wonders that are happening. No matter how bad things may seem, God is still working through people. Allow Him to work through you to make the miraculous happen for others.

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