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Are you overlooking answers to your prayers because they didn’t come dressed as you expected?

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Just Asking… (Do you pray with expectation?)

But Peter continued knocking: and when they had opened the door, and saw him, they were astonished.  (Taken from Acts of the KJV of the Bible.)


It is always conducive for us to pray with expectation. However, we know that there are times when we fail to pray this way. Sometimes we pray because we feel obligated. Other times we pray because it’s ritualistic. But it’s the times that we pray in expectation that we really please the Father.


In the above passage of scripture, believers were praying for Peter’s release from prison. When God supernaturally answered their prayers, they were astonished. Some even doubted that it was Peter and said, “It is his angel.” They were praying yet not believing for results.


God wants us to pray and expect results from Him. Prayer is our line of communication with the Father. It can move His very Heart. So when we pray, let’s believe that He hears us and will perform according to His perfect Will.


THOUGHT TO PONDER: Why pray if you don’t believe God will respond?

Excerpt taken from Nuggets of Faith

Just Asking… (Are you receptive to God’s agenda?)

God is a Supreme Being, One with infinite intelligence, wisdom, power and might. He is so awesome that He sees the end from the beginning, and He calls those things that are not as though they were. Try as we might, we can’t hide from His presence because He is everywhere at the same time. He is also all knowing, even in regards to our thoughts; yet, He is liberal enough to provide us with free will. Even though He is the Creator, He yearns for relationships with us, His very creation.


Many of these concepts are mind boggling, leaving us powerless to comprehend the entire spectrum of such a Holy God. However, in spite of this awesome truth, at times, we attempt to use prayer to manipulate God into fulfilling our desires. Sometimes we set our sights on particular things, acting like bulldogs, holding on to freshly cut meat. We won’t let go, demanding that God complies with our wishes. Instead of approaching God with opened hearts and listening ears, we come with set agendas, demanding that He fulfills our wants and desires.


Those approaching God in this manner may be setting themselves up for major disappointments. God is not a genie, waiting to perform our every whim. He is a God of order and purpose. We must understand that we were designed to fulfill His purposes, not the other way around. Once we wrap our minds around this wonderful concept, we will find it easier to accept God’s plans for our lives. This doesn’t mean these journeys will be without bumps and bruises, but they will be fulfilling journeys, journeys producing character and strength that otherwise would be forfeited.


So when you enter God’s presence, go before Him with an opened heart and listening ears. His plan for your life may not be what you wanted, but it will always be for the greater good.

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Just Asking… (When is the last time you prayed?)

As we look around our world today, we see many issues. We see people who are hungry and have no way of providing food for themselves. We see hatred on every level, and it seems to be growing by the minute. We see many of our leaders plagued with greed and being controlled by interests groups who want their agendas heard. We see family members fighting against family members, and instead of standing together, they are going their own ways. We see unjust rulings in our judicial system, and we see favoritism given to those who are wealthy. If we took the time to list all of the negative things in our world, the list would be endless. In spite of all of the gloom and doom we see around us, God has given us a weapon to help right many wrongs. He has given us the power of prayer.


When situations are beyond our control, we need to pray. When we don’t know what to do, we need to pray. When the world seems to be turned upside down, we need to pray. When we are at our wits end, we need to pray. Some would refute this principle, but when they have repeated the same fruitless behaviors to no avail, maybe they will turn to prayer.


One of the aspects of prayer is turning obstacles over to God and asking for His intervention. It is seeking His guidance and direction. It is trusting Him to direct the courses of our lives.


Is there a situation that you have found overwhelming? Are there people who you feel inadequate to help? Are you frustrated and don’t know where to turn? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you should try prayer. And once you’ve prayed, expect answers. They may not come quickly, but if you persist in prayer and wait in earnest expectation, answers will come. And don’t be surprised if God decides to use you to help change a situation or be an answer to the very prayer you prayed.

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Just Asking… (Do you know there is power in prayer?)

We live in a world where there is infinite wisdom. The only problem is that at times, we don’t know how to tap into that wisdom as it relates to our situations. There are times when we are at a standstill, or we may not know which route to take. Our problems may seem overwhelming, or our burdens may be too difficult to bear.


In times like these, it is a privilege to be able to take our concerns to God in prayer. Prayer is communication with our Maker. It is sharing and listening. It is genuinely talking to the Creator, knowing that He is always available.


I know people have many formulas for prayer, but I would encourage you to talk to God straight from the heart. Since He formed you and knows all about you, you don’t have to dress things up to speak to Him. Yes, there is reverence when you enter His presence; however, He admonishes us to come as we are, talk to Him with a sincerity of heart, spend time with Him, trusting that He has our best interests at heart.


Isn’t it wonderful to know that One Who is wisdom is willing to dispense wisdom to us if we ask? No, He is not a genie, nor is He a magic wand that you have at your beck and call. He is One Who wants to spend time with you. One Who wants a relationship with you, One Who is concerned about you. One Who wants you to cast all of your cares on Him. He is willing to bear your burdens or show you a light at the end of the tunnel. He will direct you if you would give Him the opportunity.


I invite you to take a challenge. Start inviting God into your situations. Speak to Him about your hopes and dreams. Talk to Him about your concerns. You don’t have to spend long hours praying (you can if you wish), but before you attempt things, talk to Him about them. If you’re in an impasse, ask for wisdom. After doing this consistently, you determine for yourself whether there is power in prayer. And remember, you may not see quick results, but if you persist, the results will be amazing.

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