Waltzing With Deception


Suspense. Romance. Drama. Sandra Michelle James didn’t expect any of these things when she met Andrew Mark Chillings. She was consumed with climbing the corporate ladder and masking her undesirable past. Despite her relentless efforts to stay focused, forces from the visible and invisible realms threw her challenges that forced her to tread on an unchartered course.


Loyal. Committed. Prayer Warrior. Andrew Chillings was a man of integrity and conviction, but nothing prepared him for the unique ways God would answer his prayers. He’s thrown into the middle of a dilemma, and if he wants to survive, he has to choose between walking by faith and walking by sight.


How will the mounting pressures affect these lives that are so different? What will their quests reveal? Will Sandra and Andrew crumble under the vast weight? Will they emerge as conquerors? And what role will Paul, Andrew’s estranged brother, play in this saga?

The stage is set, and the players are in place; but the script has them all waltzing to an uncanny rhythm of deception.

Waltzing with Deception