Before We Say “I Do”: The Premarital Workbook

You are contemplating marriage, and hopefully you desire a relationship that will last a lifetime. I am excited because you decided to invest in your potential marriage before making this lifelong commitment. The journey through Before We Say “I Do”: The Premarital Workbook is worth taking. Take your time as you address these thought-provoking questions. If you do, insight will follow.
You are to address each area outlined in this workbook. Ideally, a mature mentor (pastor, counselor, therapist, etc.) will guide you through the process. If a mentor is not available, you may process these issues together. However, if you come to an impasse, it is highly recommended that you seek a mature mentor to assist you.
This workbook can also be useful for those who are married. Whatever your status, these questions can stimulate lively, enthusiastic discussion and bring insightful revelation to your life.