Life’s Motivational Moments, Volume One


Book One of Life’s Motivational Moments Series.

Sometimes we need to motivate ourselves. Yet with our hectic schedules and excessive “things to do” lists, it is difficult to find time for one more thing. It seems that everything and everyone require our attention, making it difficult to sacrifice more of that precious commodity: our time. However, we may be receptive of including one more thing in our routines if that one thing took only a couple of minutes and could provide us with benefits. We already know that taking care of ourselves is crucial; however, we may need nudges to get us started in the right direction.


If this scenario fits you, Life’s Motivational Moments is your answer. Each power passage starts with a thought-provoking question, followed by a brief synopsis that is designed to stir up your innate energy. They are short and straightforward, yet inspirational and dynamic. The concepts are simple but loaded with profound truths.


So grab your favorite beverage and etch out a couple of minutes to jumpstart your day. Get motivated with Life’s Motivational Moments. Remember, it only takes a moment to change directions, but that change could benefit you for a lifetime.

Includes topics such as:






Life’s Motivational Moments, Volume One