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Just Asking… (Do you realize that visiting too much will weary your host?)

I read something the other night that compared visiting someone too much to overindulging with chocolate candy. That particular comparison never dawned on me; but as I mulled over the metaphor, I realized that the author made a valid point. In essence, he was suggesting that too much of a good thing can make you sick.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to have friends and family with whom you can mingle and socialize. At times, it may be acceptable to pop in unannounced (depending on the person you’re visiting), but when you habitually  visit without an invitation, you are treading on thin ice. Even if the person doesn’t confront you directly, his body language may indicate that you are crowding him. He may become distant, even throwing sarcastic remarks that seem unrelated to what’s really bothering him. On the other hand, he may smile and say the right things, but his true feelings may reveal themselves in subtle ways.


You may be oblivious his subtle cues, and that only makes the situation worse. If he’s afraid of hurting your feelings, he will simmer in anger, or unexpectedly blow up at you for a seemingly insignificant reason.


Therefore, if there’s someone you love to visit, use wisdom. Don’t visit too often, and don’t stay too long. You always want your host’s doorbell to signal a welcomed guest and not an invading intruder.

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Just Asking… (Do you have true friends?)

In these modern times, people use the word friend very loosely. They identify their friends as those who like them on social media, those they hang around with, or individuals who have connections, people who can get them to where they want to go.


There are many levels of friendships, but when I examined the definitions of genuine or true friendships, three characteristics emerged. First, a friend is someone you know well. By this, I mean knowing that person’s good and bad qualities, knowing his or her likes and dislikes, knowing his or her ways, values and beliefs. With this type friend, you surpass the superficial, and you get to know the real person, not what the individual portrays to those on the outside of his or her inner circle.


Secondly, a friend is someone you feel affection for. By being with this person, you have formed some type of attachment towards him or her. Not only do you spend time with this individual, but you are emotionally involved with this person on some level.


Lastly, it is noted that a friend is someone you trust. It means that you can rely on this person. You may share things with this person that you would not share with everyone. In some way, you may depend on this person not to violate the relationship. You have a certain level of confidence in this person, and you are willing to let your guard down around him or her.


As you examine your friendships, can you truly say you have genuine friends? Can you be yourself and know that this person will still be around? Can that person tell you the truth without you getting offended? Does this person add value to your life in any way? Do you trust the person you call friend?


If you have one true friend, you are truly blessed. If you have two true friends, you are more than blessed, if you have three or more, count yourself as exceptional. Remember, it’s great having true friends, but it’s even greater to be one.

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