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Negative thoughts are like weeds. If you don’t nip them in the bud, they will grow like wildfire.

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Just Asking… (Do you realize that worrying will not solve the problem?)

We all have experienced worry to some degree. Some people worry about their health. Some worry about their loved ones. Some worry about their finances, and some worry about other things they think might happen. Regardless the situation, worry never solve problems. When one worries, he torments himself with disturbing thoughts. He experiences mental anguish because he expects something negative to happen. By pondering on unhealthy thoughts, he forfeits his ability to search for solutions.


No matter how you look at it, worry is destructive. It robs a person of peace, and it steals valuable moments. Not only that, it affects various areas of a person’s life. It can affect him physically, causing aches and pains. It can affect him emotionally, stimulating sadness and depression. It can cause him to become spiritually impoverished, moving him to disconnect from his Higher Power; and it definitely affects him mentally, taking up valuable space in his mind.


Are you worrying about an issue? How has worry helped? If it hadn’t assisted you, then maybe you should forsake it and start looking for solutions. Don’t hold on to something that’s weighing you down. Do your best to find options. And remember, no matter how difficult the situation is, worry is a choice. You may not be able to change the situation, but you can always change your thoughts about the situation. So free yourself from worry, and send it packing. Once you do, you open the door for solutions to enter.

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