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Some people look at  problems and whimper: “Why me?” Others look at the same problems and see lessons to learn or challenges to conquer.

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Your Trouble May Be A Vehicle That Takes You Where You Need To Be.

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Just Asking… (What do your hard times reveal about you?)

Hardships will befall everyone. No matter how noble one lives or how careful he is, he will experience periods of difficulty. He may see them coming, or they may come upon him unexpectedly; regardless, hardships are a fact of life. The interesting thing about difficulties or hardships is that they have a way of revealing what a man truly believes. He can paint a perfect picture of himself when he is doing well, and he may easily fool others around him, but hard times reveal what is in a man. Hard times have a tendency to show that man and others his true self.


Sometimes a person doesn’t know what he is made of. Sometimes he doesn’t know his capabilities. Sometimes he has placed limitations upon himself that he doesn’t know he can overcome. Hard times have a way of causing him to surrender to situations or push him pass the obstacles and cause him to live on a new level. They will cause him to cry in defeat or man up and defeat the odds. Even if he can’t change his situations, hard times can give him the resolve of looking at his situations from different perspectives.


What do your hardships say about you? Do you readily give in and run for cover at the first sign of trouble? Do you take offense at the smallest things, expending energy foolishly that could be used on something more productive? Do you cry and complain excessively without trying to find solutions to your problems? Or do you roll up your sleeves and fight with all of your might to change things that are within your control? Even if you can’t change your situation, do you find a way to change your perception about it?


At the end of the day, you never have to tell others who you are, if you live long enough, your hardships and difficulties will do the speaking for you.

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Just Asking… (How do you handle problems?)

At some point in time, each person will encounter problems. Life presents each individual with challenges, some to a greater degree than others. Some have to deal with health issues. Some have to deal with family issues. Some are forced to deal with their finances. Some have emotional problems. Some have to deal with addictions, while others have to deal with an array of issues. Regardless the form, the uncertainty is not in whether or not a person will encounter problems, it’s in how that person handles his problems.


Some people choose to ignore their problems, hoping that sticking their heads in the sand will make their problems go away. When people handle their problems this way, their problems are magnified. Instead of dealing with them while they are smaller challenges, they allow them to grow to the point that they have to do something about them. Others tell everyone they know about their problems. They rehearse them repeatedly, yet they never do anything to correct their issues. Then there are those who face their problems head on. They may not know exactly what to do, but they refuse to sit and feel sorry for themselves. They are bold enough to get counsel if needed. They take action, regardless how small, in order to make changes. If they are dealing with issues they cannot change, they change their perspectives about their situations. Regardless, they refuse to allow their problems to linger without fighting to find solutions.


Examine your history of problems. How have you handled them? Have you given up without a fight? Did you tell everyone who would listen about your problems, yet you refused to take action steps to rectify them? Did you stick you head in the sand, hoping your problems would go away? Or did you face your problems head on, doing whatever you could to find solutions?


Know that you may not have power over the problems that enter your life, but you do have control over how you deal with them. If you’ve been handling them incorrectly, change courses and try something more constructive.

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Just Asking… (Do you know lessons are wrapped in struggles?)

Struggles are a part of life. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they show up even if you don’t expect them or prepare for their arrival. The influential as well as the unknown will experience their share of struggles. The wealthy as well as the poor will experience them too. No one is immune to this fact of life, regardless of his social standing, sex or family of origin.


Even though struggles may be difficult to encounter, they can provide a wealth of knowledge to the one experiencing the struggle. A person doesn’t really know what he is made of unless pressure is applied. He can verbalize how strong he is, how powerful he is and what he can endure, but he will never know for sure unless he experiences challenges and difficulties. He may even think that he is frail and feeble, but experiencing a struggle may prove him otherwise.


Only that person can decide how he will react to a struggle. He can rejoice in spite of it, make it through to the other side, ask for help or fold under the pressure. Regardless his response, he must know that with struggle comes knowledge, and it is up to him whether he will glean from the experience or not. One thing is certain, if he doesn’t learn the lesson that the struggle brings, it will be difficult for him to move forward.


Examine an area that may be causing you difficulty. Is it your finances, health, family, attitude or friends? Brainstorm and write out a list of possibilities of how you can deal with the issue. Write down every productive solution you can think of (not those that will cause harm or injury to another); you can even ask others for ideas if you get stuck. After you’ve written down several positive solutions, pick one and give it a go. If that one fails, try another. The key is not how quickly you come up with a solution, but that you find a solution that works. If nothing more, change your perception about the situation. If these things fail, seek help. Sometimes someone not involved in the situation can give you insightful information. In any case, learn from the experience. Refuse to fail the grade because you failed to learn the lesson that your struggle presented.

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