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He who tries to be everything to everybody ends up being no good to himself.

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Just Asking… (Do you realize that learning to say “no” can reduce a lot of your stress?)

Have you ever met a person who thinks he can be everything to everybody? This person is known as a “people-pleaser” because he will do almost anything to avoid hurting the feelings of others. He may have a million and one things on his “to-do list,” yet when someone asks him to do just one more thing, he readily accepts. He may be seething on the inside, angry because he has one more thing to do, but you would never know it by looking at him, because he accepts the request without resistance.


If you take a closer look at this individual, you may notice headaches, stomachaches, backaches, depression, chest pains, inability to sleep, etc. He carries the loads of others, trying to protect their feelings while forfeiting his own comfort and peace of mind.

In instances like these, a two-letter word can go a long way. Saying “no” to the requests of others may be the very medicine that’s needed. It may be uncomfortable at first, and others may even get angry, but it will be worth it if it lightens the overwhelmed person’s load.


If you find yourself stressed because you take on too much, try this one-word, two-letter cure. The wonder-working effects may surprise you.

Books by Levon